How Emotionally Intelligent are you and what can you do to improve it?

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the ability to manage our emotions and actions, and to skilfully interact with those around you. Crucially, these behaviours can be measured and unlike IQ, EI can be developed.

Emotional and Social intelligences enable us to bring out the best in ourselves and others and so produce outstanding organisational performance. People with strengths in emotional and social intelligence understand unspoken emotions and group dynamics. You build influence as you cultivate positive and powerful relationships.

People with deficits in any of the competencies of EI can lack the motivation and planning required to achieve aspirational goals or to lead others effectively.

EI identifies the competencies/behaviours that allow people to deliver results – as individuals and in teams:

  • Motivating yourselves and your team members in addressing and resolving conflicts
  • Influencing individuals and groups to work co-operatively or collaboratively
  • Inspiring a team by developing or mentoring others

Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competencies

Understand yourself better and excel as coach

At Cause Coaching we are accredited practitioners of the ESCI (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory) tool and we are credentialed ICF coaches with expertise in feedback/coaching to enable change.

Using our understanding of Neuroscience, through Coaching we can explore your best options for how to develop your people in emotional and social intelligence behaviours – and enable success!

The ESCI Tool

The ESCI Assessment tool by Korn Ferry, is an online assessment tool that assesses and measures behaviours which people can change.

ESCI measures 12 competencies (see exact details in the drop down box) that set excellent performers apart and provides a 360° assessment of an individual’s emotional and social behaviour. It’s a “good to great” tool –intended for individuals, leaders and coaches, as well as being applied with teams and organisations who truly want to shine and succeed.

Why is Emotional Intelligence important?

“In a study of 300 top-level executives from 15 global companies, 85-90% of leadership success was linked to social and emotional intelligence.”

Source: Competency Assessment Methods: History and State of the Art, Lyle Spencer

What the ESCI Assessment measures

The 12 competencies account for the multifaceted nature of EI by including the person’s self-perceptions as well as the perspectives of people they work with. 

  • Measures the twelve competencies that deliver performance across many roles and levels
  • Compares the individual’s self-view with the perceptions of a range of raters
  • Describes each competency and explains the feedback data
  • Offers suggestions and tips on how to use each competency effectively
  • Benchmarks the feedback data against an international norm group.

Reference: Korn Ferry (2017), “Emotional and social competency inventory” Research Guide and Technical Manual.

Our ESCI Assessment options & prices

We have a range of assessment options to suit your specific needs and budgets, which include:

  1. ESCI Assessment and Administration + Debrief (one hour) = $495 (+gst)
  2. ESCI Assessment and Administration + three Coaching Conversations plan to implement ESCI (one hour each) = $995 (+gst)
  3. ESCI Assessment and Administration + ESCI Leadership Success Coaching Series over 6 months (6 one hour coaching sessions) = $1,695 (+gst)
  4. Group/Team discounts are available

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