Coaching Essentials

To inform and upskill you with the essentials to build your Coaching knowledge

This recorded webinar series will provide you with essential skills enabling you to employ effective new practices as a Life or Executive Coach. And help you build, sustain or grow your coaching practice through learning.

What does the Coaching Essentials course entail?

This is a 3, one hour webinar series focussed on the core essentials of Coaching. These include:

  1. What is Coaching? What happens when we coach? We look at the Neuroscience and how we can use this as Coaches.
  2. The importance and role of Feedback in Coaching: Understanding the importance of Listening and what stops us listening; and we provide a conversation model that always works when coaching.
  3. Establishing the focus for Coaching: We learn about Human Emotional Response and how to work with this. And we add a Coaching tool.


Who is this course for?

This Coaching Essentials Course is for:

  • Coaches (Life coaches, internal coaches, external executive coaches): Build your Personal Development (PD) hours, move closer to your ICF credential. Build your ability to meld theory with practical application and grow your skills
  • Leaders (CEs, Senior Leaders, identified talent, Managers, New Leaders): To support you in leading your team and growing your people. Build your practical real-life, real-time expertise to the next level of coaching and leadership
  • HR Professionals: Grow your expertise in developing people, gain new knowledge and insights. Develop sustainable outcomes within your team and across your organisation.
What will you learn?

Across the 3 webinars, you will learn how to:

  • Accelerate your own learning as a Coach
  • Access best practice information on Emotional Response through a greater understanding of the Neuroscience involved
  • How to use a Coaching Conversation model that always works
  • Develop your understanding of engagement and success
  • Build your effectiveness with feedback
What you will be able to do

Upon completing this Coaching Essentials course you will be able to:

  • Apply your advanced skills
  • Employ effective new practices for success with individuals and teams
  • Build, sustain or grow your coaching/learning culture
  • Build your existing knowledge to grow the performance of the individuals and teams you coach
  • Enumerate, illustrate and employ the power of feedback to motivate, encourage and grow individuals and team members
How much does it cost?

This Essentials Coaching course is only $395 +GST and is delivered via 3 one hour recorded webinars

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